Here’s why you should keep your equipment in top condition!


Reasons why you should keep you equipment well maintained

Does the phrase “It’s time for servicing” sound familiar to you? More often than not, we are very conscious of the condition our car or technological device is in, not just for aesthetic purposes, but at times, safety reasons. Dreading to have them fail on us when we need them.

Similarly in scuba diving, keeping our equipment in tip top condition is essential, here are some reasons:


The most important reason why our equipment should be kept in tip top condition. Nothing beats going for a dive trip not having to worry about equipment failure or if there is availability of servicing parts. Being confident of your equipment’s functionality is essential in providing yourself the assurance and confidence underwater.

Make the extra effort in checking your equipment before your dive trips! A good guide would be to have them serviced once every 6 months and immediately when a complication arises.

Afterall, they are your life support system underwater.


Looking professional whether you’re a dive professional or not, is one aspect of scuba diving everyone should strive towards. Imagine, diving in the Maldives (many divers flock here for sightings of whales sharks, nurse sharks and manta rays) and having your hoses either bubbling profusely or donning a worn out BC. Looks like you’ve either been out of the sport for a long time or the dive centre is not able to provide adequate equipment, either way, doesn’t boil well to the industry.

Representing yourself professionally brings about good habits adopted by others, and being ambassadors of the oceans, others will learn and adopt these positive diving etiquette.

Look good

Why waste a good opportunity to take an awesome photo when you’re diving at a fantastic dive site with exotic marine life surrounding you. Bubbling hoses, shabby looking equipment might do injustice to that picture you take, looking back it in the future, might leads to critics and regrets on why did I not properly maintain my equipment.

Spending that little bit more to supplement a memorable experience won’t seem as unnecessary when you look back.

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