Extra accessories for your configuration!

Owning these items will make you more prepared for your dives!

Making the Top 2 of this list


Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

At the top of list, is the Surface Marker Buoy (SMB), this piece of equipment provides you with additional safety margin by alerting boats and other divers from underwater.

Having it attached with a reel, simplifies the need to attach it underwater, allowing instant deployment when every required.



Owning a Compass is essential as it allows you to safely navigate your dive and get back to the boat with minimal guessing required.

The ability to give other divers a precise direction to swim towards is another benefit of owning a compass. Minimising confusion during underwater communications or pre-dive briefings.


Finger Spools

Having with your additional Finger Spools helps provide extra assurance, such as additional lines for SMB Deployments!


Swivel Eyed Bolt Snaps

This nifty piece of equipment helps secures your hose to your BC to prevent unnecessary drag. It also provides a long-term means of securing any piece of equipment to you!



Always carrying with you Eezycuts provides the assistance if required during entanglements.


Shock Cords

String these through the loops of your BC to help prevent overexpansion during inflation. Also, it provides a good material for making your regulator necklace.


Double Ended Bolt Snaps

The Double Ended Bolt Snap has numerous usages: securing your SPG to your BC, clipping your mask to D-rings or simply attaching your finger spool to your SMB.


Tools & Service Kits

Having proper tools to help maintain your equipment on the go and additional spare parts with you, reduces the worries that your dive trips may come to an abrupt end. Always ready to fix or replace your equipment parts whenever required really helps in fully enjoying your dive trips

Watch this space for the next list of must have accessories for your dive trips!

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