AquaLung Titan First Stage Regulator

Model: AquaLung Titan First Stage Regulator

Incorporating all the best features of its predecessors, this third generation Titan has innovative features resulting in a more comfortable, lighter-weight and easier-breathing regulator. For the consumer that wants performance at an affordable price to the dive center that wants a rugged and easy to maintain regulator, the Titan delivers.

The Titan comes in two versions, one with a QD hose fitting and one with a traditional “Classic” hose attachment with a swivel nut. The QD hose fitting allows for the regulator to be reversed from a right handed to left-handed configuration by a certified Aqua Lung technician without additional parts. (QD Version only)


AquaLung Titan First Stage Regulator Technical Details

  • Balanced Diaphragm
  • Less Brass making, More Compact & Lighter Weight
  • Option of Auto Closure Device (ACD) System
  • Compatible with up to 40% right out of the box
  • 2 High Pressure 4 Medium Pressure - ports
  • Available in Yoke or DIN connectors

AquaLung Titan First Stage Regulator Review

The AquaLung Titan Regulator is the next most compact, light-weighted regulator after the AquaLung Mikron Regulator. Very much like the AquaLung Mikron, despite the size, AquaLung Titan Regulator can still deliver excellent, consistent performance.