Poseidon Cyklon First Stage Regulator

Model: Poseidon Cyklon First Stage Regulator

The Poseidon Cyklon has been the first choice of many since 1958
Poseidon Cyklon set a new world standard for diving regulators. When it was introduced in 1958, the Poseidon Cyklon was the first regulator in the world with a single hose and the demand valve situated at the mouth.
Thanks to its well­tested construction and design, the Poseidon Cyklon is still the first choice of the German Navy.


Poseidon Cyklon First Stage Regulator Technical Details

  • Use either way up
  • Approved to EN250 cold water standard
  • High performance, robust workhorse regulator
  • 5 Low Pressure and 2 High Pressure - ports

Poseidon Cyklon First Stage Regulator Review

The Poseidon Cyklon First Stage regulator is generally used by men favored by technical divers. Poseidon Cyklon First Stage regulator are known for its high performance, robust workhorse shaped regulator.