Scuba Equipment Gear Servicing and Repairs in Singapore
ScubaLabs has been recognised as one of the few top equipment and gear servicing around for many years. We house specialised tools for most of the major brands around to keep your gear working perfectly! Be it, annual servicing or pressure testing out equipment. Our friendly stuff is ready to assist in any needs and wants.

Dive Computer

What happens to your dive computers when you pass it to us?

  • Pre-checks
    - Technician will pre-check the condition of the dive computer.
  • Removing of old batteries and cleaning
    - Technician removes the batteries along with the O-rings, cleaning away dust and rust if any.
  • Replacing new batteries and O-rings
    - A new battery and o-rings are been replaced, O-rings are been greased with top-grade silicone grease.
  • Leak Test
    - Dive Computers goes thru a leak test in our pressure chamber, test is done up to 40m for any leaks.
  • Equipment Rental
  • Servicing Courses
  • DMA Program
  • Equipment Technique Course
  • Full Face Mask Diving
  • Recreational Rebreather
  • Science of Diving Course

What is servicing?

  • Servicing is essentially cleaning of your equipment and restoring back to manufacturer's specifications.
  • In the Servicing Courses we provide, we teach you how to clean various equipment, testing and calibrating them to restore them back to manufacturer's specifications.

Why servicing is important?

  • Protects the longevity of an equipment.
  • Reduces or eliminates potential problems that might occur.
  • Helps aligns the equipment towards manufacturer's specifications and performance which might have deviated over time and usage.

Types of Servicing:

  • Preventive Servicing - Regular servicing done on equipment (Cyclic)
  • Corrective Servicing - Servicing done on equipment when a problem is reported
  • Predictive Servicing - Servicing done on equipment before a problem is reported or expects a problem to occur

Dive Brands

ScubaLabs Technician are trained to suit your needs

seac sub
scubalabs suunto

Authorised Parts For Servicing:
ScubaLabs only uses all authorised parts from the respective brands. All parts used in the process of servicing are Original Authorised Manufacturer parts. ScubaLabs return back not only the equipment as well as the old parts that are replaced!