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5-Step Servicing


Step 1: Bring your equipment to us at our friendly store or book an appointment with us!


Step 2: Our technician will then inspect your equipment, Follow by giving you an quotation on a rough estimate of the cost and duration.


Step 3: Technician will then proceed with cleaning and servicing of your equipment.


Step 4: Once done, technician will give you a ring and you can collect the equipment at your most convenient.


Step 5: You can now be a happy diver!

What is servicing?

  • Servicing is essentially cleaning of your equipment and restoring back to manufacturer's specifications.
  • In the Servicing Courses we provide, we teach you how to clean various equipment, testing and calibrating them to restore them back to manufacturer's specifications.

Why servicing is important?

  • Protects the longevity of an equipment.
  • Reduces or eliminates potential problems that might occur.
  • Helps aligns the equipment towards manufacturer's specifications and performance which might have deviated over time and usage.

Types of Servicing:

  • Preventive Servicing - Regular servicing done on equipment (Cyclic)
  • Corrective Servicing - Servicing done on equipment when a problem is reported
  • Predictive Servicing - Servicing done on equipment before a problem is reported or expects a problem to occur

Dive Brands

ScubaLabs Technician are trained to suit your needs

seac sub
scubalabs suunto

Authorised Parts For Servicing:
ScubaLabs only uses all authorised parts from the respective brands. All parts used in the process of servicing are Original Authorised Manufacturer parts. ScubaLabs return back not only the equipment as well as the old parts that are replaced!